Besti stutt- og spælifilmur 2018

Besti stutt- og spælifilmur

Til FIMFF 18 var sett ein dómsnevnd til at velja besta stuttfilm og besta spæli- ella heimildarfilm. Í dómsnevndini sótu Yavuz Kurtulmuş, Daniella Maja Nahor Ssitou og Leo Lávík.

Besti stuttfilmur gjørdist svenski Turkkiosken og besti spæli- ella heimildarfilmur gjørdist íslendski spælifilmurin Andið Eðilega.
Leikstjórin til filmin Andið Eðilega, Isold Uggadottir, var til staðar til sýningina og tók ímóti heiðrinum og vinninginum, sum var ein mynd frá listaframsýningini til FIMFF 18 av Alda Mohr Eyðunardóttir.


Vinnari fyri besta spælifilm: And breathe normally

Jury statement:

Set on an small island, this film gives us a personal perspective on some of the biggest crisis that scandinavia and europe are facing right now.  

As we follow the footsteps of the main characters in the film, we get an inside view on critical refugee issues and growing poverty in scandinavia.

The islandic director, Isold Uggadóttir takes the audience on an emotional and intimate journey where two womens personal struggles are deeply connected eventhough they come from different parts of the world.

This important film leaves us reminded that, no matter where we are born we all deserve equal rights to ”breathe normally ”

Vinnari fyri besta stuttfilm: The turk shop

Jury statement:

In resent years, national identity and immigration have been, and still is heavily debated subjects in Scandinavia. In this context Sweden often is known to be a more tolerant and accepting society towards minorities.

Bahar Pars shows in his film, The turk shop, how within this praised Swedish tolerance, hidden racism is burried. The short film shows the audience how sometimes minorities sometimes are stuck in a limbo of fitting in to society and whilst perserving minority rights and acceptance. 

Therefore the jury finds that this short film provides an important input to the ongoing debate about national identity, minority rights and racism in scandinavia.

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