NÆR/when: Fríggjakvøld, 31/AUGUST

HVAR/where: Perlan

KLOKKAN/time: 21:30 

ATGONGD/entrance: 80,-//Festival Pass

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Leikstjóri/Director: Evangelia Kranioti 

2018 | Greece, France | 60 min 

Portugese | English subtitles

Obscuro Barroco premiered earlier this year at Berlinale Film Festival and won the Teddy Jury Award.

Throughout the film we are guided by Luana Muniz (1961-2017) a transgender activist and icon. We are in Brazil, on the streets of Rio, full of carnival celebrations, protests, bodies, make-up and colours. There are sounds, music, voices, there is that sensation of being in a dream, yet you are in the now, much like the book Água Viva by Clarice Lispector (1920-1977) which Muniz so eloquently recites in the film. What and who are we? Who owns our bodies? Some of many questions that might come to mind while watching this acid-trip of a film. (DG)

 Winner of the Teddy jury award 2018



NÆR/when: Leygardag, 1/SEPTEMBER

HVAR/where: Perlan

KLOKKAN/time: 15:00 

ATGONGD/entrance: 80,-//Festival Pass

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Leikstjóri/Director: Mordechai Vardi 

2017 | Israel | 72 min 

English, Hebrew, Arabic | English subtitles


Ali Abu Awwas is a leading Palestinian activist who teaches his countrymen non-violent resistance and reaches out to Jewish Israelis at the heart of the conflict. He wants his field to be the place of reconciliation between Israeli settlers and Palestinians.’

When two sides are deeply divided by anger, sadness, fear, and hatred, how do we find a way forward towards peace? The Field follows Ali Abu Awwad, as he works to build a dialogue between Israeli settlers and Palestinian refugees. Through the grassroots organization The Roots, he and others from both sides of the conflict meet to listen and tell each other their stories of suffering. Although not everyone is convinced, many attendees find themselves viewing the other as more a more relatable, and more humanised.

Experience chilling accounts of violence and anger, but also lovely stories of healing and forgiveness. (LPJ)

Winner for Best feature documentary at Peace on Earth Film Festival 2017

We recommend attending the human rights debate hosted by Amnesty International tomorrow at 16.00.




NÆR/when: Leygarkvøld, 1/SEPTEMBER

HVAR/where: Perlan

KLOKKAN/time: 19:30 

ATGONGD/entrance: 80,-//Festival Pass

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Leikstjóri/Director: Michael Palmieri and Donal Mosher 

2018 | USA | 75 min 

English | no subtitles


“In this town, they put on one hell of a show”.

Residing in the Bible Belt, Eureka Springs found a way to stand out with two major Christian attractions: The Great Passion Play, a large scale reenactment of the crucifixion and resurrection stories of Jesus, and Christ of the Ozarks, the largest statue of Jesus in North America. With such a strong and thriving Christian heritage, how did Eureka become: ‘A desirable homosexual destination’?

Watch as we go behind the scenes of the play and the local drag show bar, as they parallel each other in many ways. With passionate and motivated performances and lip syncs on both sides, they have more in common that one might suspect.

A funny, heartfelt documentary about coexistence and how religion and sexuality intersect in this small town, less then half the size of Tórshavn. A true joy! (LPJ/NA)

Expected guest: Director Michael Palmieri 






NÆR/when: Sunnukvøld, 2/SEPTEMBER

HVAR/where: Perlan

KLOKKAN/time: 18:00 

ATGONGD/entrance: 80,-//Festival Pass

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Leikstjóri/Director: Rina Castelnouvo-Hollander, Tamir Elterman 

2017 | Israel, Germany | 87 min 

Hebrew, Arabic | English subtitles

For the past seven years Muhammad El Farrah “Muhi”, a young Palestinian boy with a life-threatening immune disorder, has been living in an Israeli hospital, unable to return to his home in Gaza. He and his kind-hearted grandfather, Abu Naim are caught in an immigration limbo and only permitted to reside within the constraints of the hospital walls. Caught between two worlds and two people, Muhi is raised in paradoxical circumstances that transcend identity, religion and the conflict that divides his world. His time at the hospital is running out and Muhi now faces the most critical choices of his young life. 

Made by two filmmakers from Jerusalem, this documentary lays out the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in human terms, documenting the impact these paradoxical circumstances have on individual lives. (-Daniella)

Doc Aviv film festival 2017: Mayor of Tel Aviv-Jaffa Award for Debut film 2017


Introduction & film screening by:

Copenhagen Jewish Film Festival celebrates Jewish culture, but focuses, as with the involvement of Arab films from Israel and a German perspective on the Holocaust, on creating the framework for a critical debate on complex and sensitive issues involving Jewish life and history. With powerful documentaries, amazing films and exciting events, we invite audiences on an insider’s journey into the huge diversity that Jewish identity, culture and history includes.

Daniella Maja Nahor Ssitou is a part of the programming team at CJFF. She will do a short introduction about the documentary MUHI, which she choose to screen at FIMFF18.