Daniella works with Copenhagen Jewish Film Festival. A film festival that for more than 18 years have been focusing on creating framework for a critical debate on complex and sensitive issues involving Jewish life and history. Daniella has a master’s degree in cross-cultural studies, Middle Eastern studies and minority theory from Copenhagen University. She daily works with dialog and cross-cultural communication in different contexts within – films, museums and education with a focus on minority rights, cultural heritage and migration history, etc. Daniella is currently involved in a government funded Jewish-Muslim cross-cultural dialog program. The programs main goal is to enhance understanding about minority rights and combat anti-Semitism and islamophobia in society.




Yavuz Kurtulmus immigrated to Austria in the 1980s with his Turkish/ Macedonian family. Leaving behind a lucrative career in risk management, he began the Queer Migrant movement in Austria with the NGO, ‘MiGaY’ and in 2012, started TRANSITION, Europe’s first film event by, for and about Queer migrants and minorities as a response to the lack of diversity and intersectionality in the Queer cinema scene. His newest project is the Porn Film Festival Vienna, which had its first edition in March 2018.




First and foremost Leo is a cat lover. Besides snuggling with his cat on a Friday afternoon, he loves expressing himself through different art forms. In addition to making short documentaries for the youth department for the Faroese national television, his short film Birting was nominated in Geytin 2015, Nordic Youth Film Festival (NUFF) 2016, and here at FIMFF 2017. Leo sees film as a platform where all art forms can be combined. His portfolio include composing music with Lea Kampmann, drawing, photography and arranging conventions in the Faroese ShimaCon. Leo is a up-and-coming filmmaker from the Faroe Islands, with his most recent documentary to be screened at Tromsø International Film Festival (TIFF) in 2019.