WHEN: Saturday, 31/AUGUST

WHERE: Perlan

TIME: 14:30 til 15:00



The rise of anti-semitism and Islamophobia is growing, with increasing numbers of hate crimes towards Jews and Muslims. Who is to blame? What are the root causes? And how can peaceful coexistence be improved? Tensions between groups and communities is a relevant contemporary subject matter in every corner of this world, also in the remote Faroe Islands. So please join us, when Heini í Skorini, PhD. in International Relations, will be sitting down with a knowledgeable panel discussing the challenges of multiculturalism from a Scandinavian perspective and beyond.

Our panel consists of Heini í Skorini, PhD. from King’s College London, as moderator, Donia Issa (The Field) a community peace activist in Palestine and Israel, Daniella Maja Nahor Ssitou (Copenhagen Jewish Film Festival) working with a Jewish-Muslim cross-cultural dialog program in Copenhagen; and last, but not least, Yavuz Kurtulmus (Transition Film Festival Vienna) originally from Turkey, beginning the queer migrant movement in Austria.


Bilal Al-issa

Daniella Maja Nahor Ssitou

Yavuz Kurtulmus


Heini í Skorini












WHEN: Sunday, 2/AUGUST

WHERE: Perlan

TIME: 16:00 til 17:00



Debate: Refugees and Europe

“Welcome to prison” is written on the wall in a detention centre on the Greek island Lesvos. The quote is a symbol of desperate people on an island in a desperate financial crisis.  Thousands of lives are lost at sea and hundreds and thousands are calling SOS from the shores.

“I don’t have a solution, and I do not have the power to change the rules, but we have to start somewhere”, says Hjørdis Kiara Zachariassen, who has been on the greek islands Lesvos and experienced the hopeless situation unfold.

We will have a conversation with Hjørdis about this desperate European crisis, as well as Heini í Skorini who will discuss the human rights challenges European counties face. Bárður Ísheim from the Faroe Islands Red Cross will talk about the refugee situation from a global standpoint. And Bilal Al-issa, a Danish/Palestinian former refugee will explain the current conflict in Israel/Palestine.