NÆR/when: Friday, 31/AUGUST

KLOKKAN/time: 17:00

ATGONGD/entrance: 80,-//Festival Pass

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My Refugee Story

Libanon | 2016 | 17 min
Director: Nour Metwally

“My Refugee Story” is a collection of heartbreaking tales narrating the violence, discrimination and rejection that many LGBTIQ+ refugees face, co-directed and edited by the survivors themselves.


Denmark | 2016 | 30 min
Director: Cecile McNair

Mary is looking for her girlfriend who disappeared during their escape from Uganda. During her last interview at the Refugee Board in Denmark it dawns on her that she has overlooked a clue that might lead her to her girlfriend.

Migrant Mixtape 

Canada | 2017 | 22 min
Director: Eli Jean Tahchi

Arab LGBT individuals send Helem Montreal the Migrant Mixtape, a series of recorded letters. They are asking for support to seek asylum in Canada in order to escape persecution and homophobic violence in their country of origin.

10,579 km: A Queer Journey from Damascus to Vancouver

Canada | 2016 | 10 min
Director: Love Intersections

As an activist in the underground LGBTQ community in Syria, Danny Ramadan faced imminent persecution by the Syrian regime that led him to escape Damascus and eventually make his way to Vancouver.

Introduction & shorts screening by

Transition showcases the diversity of minorities within the LGBTIQ spectrum. Every November in Vienna, Austria, we use film as a way to confront, break stereotypes and engage our audience using discussions, workshops and lectures. We aim to increase visibility and initiate dialogue on migration, women, people of colour, refugees, dis/ability, trans, religion and more. Being minorities within a minority – our struggles, stories and histories are often erased or are portrayed simplistically in one-dimensional narratives laden with stereotypes. 

The festival director Yavuz Kurtulmus will introduce his film festival, and present a queer refugee shorts program he has curated for FIMFF18.