For our 2nd Edition of Faroe Islands International Minority Film Festival, we are introducing a new program called Drag Academy. Our aim with this program is to encourage new and aspiring drag queens in the Faroe Islands to celebrate diversity, play with gender norms and spread some love and joy through this art form .

Drag Academy is giving Faroese-aspiring Queens and Kings a platform to receive guidance and advice on everything from wigs, makeup, costumes and even walking in high heels. Our Queens are invited to a private closed workshop held by a professional drag queen, with the aim of gaining self confidence to perform in front of a live audience; which they are invited to in our Saturday night show. 

The academy is open to all levels, and anyone who wants to learn more about becoming a drag queen.

We are proud to present the Danish Queen of the Queens, Tinus De Schunard, who will be hosting the 2018 workshop, and will be performing in our Saturday night GENDER BLENDER party.

Let’s make Faroese ‘Drag Herstory’!

When: Friday 31/AUGUST

Where: Reinsaríið

Time: 15:00pm-17:00pm

Advance event registration only

Please contact the festival managers for more information about the Drag Academy.