HVAR/where: Perlan

ATGONGD/entrance: Ókeypis/ free


About the photo series ‘’Silent War’’:

‘’Silent War” was photographed in Israel and Palestine, and is of great importance to me. It’s the first time I used photography to present my opinion on a subject. The photos are a description of how I experienced the conflict between the two countries, it’s a conflict that most people deem difficult to take a stand on. Dispute about land and water; about natural resources. I want the viewer to sense the hopelessness of war and the atmosphere of an occupied land.’’

Alda Mohr Eyðunardóttir (f. 1997) is a student at the art school VERA in Copenhagen. ‘’Two years ago I got serious about using photography to construct my visual universe. My photos are often an investigation of myself or that which is happening around me.’’ Alda has been accepted to Iceland University of the Arts for next year, and is waiting for an answer from Oslo National Academy of Arts, where she had an interview.





Femme in Public is a fashion direct action, a protest, a celebration! Black & brown gender non-conforming femmes teamed up in Cape Town to reclaim the streets and show the world that transfemininity is beautiful and powerful. In a world where violence against trans people of color is steadily increasing, these artists and activists sought to create images of community, empowerment, and liberation.

All the Photos on display are for sale, and the proceeds go to IRANTI-org which is a media advocacy organisation that defends the rights of Lesbians, Transgender and Intersex persons in Africa.

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