SUNDAY 10/SEP 12.00

Director: Toby Genkel & Reza Memari
2016 | Germany/Norway/Belgium/Luxembourg | 84 m
Danish | No subtitles

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Richard wakes up one morning to find that his whole family has left him behind. His mother, father and brother, have all left the Stork family nest and started their annual migration to Africa for the winter. After the initial shock, Richard is determined to reunite with his family, and soon he embarks on the long journey towards Africa.

There’s just one little thing: Richard is not a stork. He is an adopted sparrow; and sparrows are not equipped to fly such long distances – but that doesn’t stop Richard! On his journey across Europe, he meets a gallery of oddballs and questionable helpers, two of which become his new best friends – the wise, but clumsy owl, Olga, and the flamboyant, karaoke-loving parakeet, Kiki. Together, they take us on a stork’s journey through 1970’s disco, a little bit Drag Race and a dash of La Cage aux Folles. Funny and heartwarming, this is an animated tale for the whole family! -(BY)

*Each child will get a free bag of goodies for the screening!