FRIDAY 08/SEP 19.00

Director: Michelle Fiordaliso
2017 | USA | 16 m
English/Urdu | English subtitles

A powerful documentary short about Sabeen Mahmud, founder of Karachi performance space T2F, and American actress/writer, Fawzia Mirza, who performs a controversial one-woman show across Pakistan. -(BY)


FRIDAY 08/SEP 21.00

Director: Toby Fell-Holden
2017 | USA | 14 m
English | English subtitles

A filmmaker’s autobiographical tale of growing up gay in the Soviet Union, only to escape to the USA with his mother, a mail-order bride. Here he faced a whole new oppression, with his new American stepfather, a Christian fundamentalist.  -(BY)



Director: Toby Fell-Holden
2015 | UK | 17 m
English/Dari | English subtitles

A breathtaking short film about racial tension, where Tina, an English teenager, meets Dana, an immigrant girl from Afghanistan. We see how their differences bring them closer together, until something unexpected happens. -(NA)

Winner of the Crystal Bear for Best Short Film in the Generation 14 plus section at 2016 Berlin Film Festival.


SUNDAY 10/SEP 18.00

Leikstjóri: Amir Masoud Soheili
2015 | Iran | 18 m
Persian | English subtitles

A boy with unusual color blindness causes his family shame when he accidentally kills some village livestock. His parents seek medical treatment for him, but when the hospital doctors cannot help, they take him to a local Shaman, resulting in devastating consequences.